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The American gospel music singer, an energetic stage performer, songwriter, and keyboardist whose songs has been a blessing to lots of lives today is here with a powerful song, as “Tye Tribbett” titles this song “Keep Me”.


Video: Keep Me by Tye Tribbett

Keep Me Lyrics by Tye Tribbett

[Verse 1]
In such a wrong, such a wrong world
I don’t see how, how we can ever do right (as believers)
So much trouble, on every side, seems so easy, so easy, to give up the fight

Lord I need you to keep me [Repeat 2X]
Keep me [Repeat 4X]

[Verse 2]
In this heart of mine, I love the Lord (yes I do)
And my soul, it longs for you (yes it do, yes it do)
We’re living, we’re living in the last days
And I struggle, I struggle to hold on to my faith

Lord I need you to keep me [Repeat 4x]
Keep me [Repeat Till End]


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