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Phil Thompson – My Eternal Offering (Mp3, Lyrics, Video)

My Eternal Offering y Phil thompson Audio & Lyrics

Download My Eternal Offering Mp3 by Phil Thompson.

The American eminent Christian singer who was formally known as Spencer Krug, and now PHIL THOMPSON releases a song of powerful worship, He titles this song “MY ETERNAL OFFERING”.

This song features Tamela Hairston, and was performed live.


Video: My Eternal Offering by Phil Thompson

Lyrics of Eternal Offering by Phil thompson

What shall I render but my surrender?
You are Lord and I am Yours
My faults are endless
Your grace relentless
You are Lord and I am Yours

And if it’s all or nothing, I surrender all to thee
My eternal offering, You can have my heart fully

Through every shadow
You lead I’ll follow
You are Lord and I am Yours
Though fear surrounds me 
Your grace has found me
You are Lord and I am Yours

My one desire; You’ll be exalted
With each moment I live
You’ll be exalted


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